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New Business Equipment Finance

New Business Equipment Finance

Sometimes, for a small business, it may be difficult to purchase new equipment upfront. In such situations, they can get loans for business equipment in Brisbane. It allows businesses to use the equipment without paying the cost upfront and can pay the amount as per the agreed loan term with interest. Equipment financing has made it easier for businesses to buy new equipment regardless of size.

What Is New Equipment Finance?

New equipment finance refers to acquiring financial assistance to purchase new equipment for business. You get various financing options to choose from; they are lease, loan, and hire purchase. The lender will provide you with funds for purchasing new equipment. But before this, they will check your repayment history, credit score, income, credit reports, employment status, etc., to decide whether or not to approve your loan. Once approved, you can get a loan for business equipment in Brisbane. As per the agreed loan period and interest rate, you will pay the principal amount with interest.

What Equipment Can Be Financed?

The type of equipment you want financing for can differ depending on your business and industry. Equipment finance includes numerous equipment as per different industries. These can be:
  • Technology: Software licence, computers, servers, networking equipment, etc.
  • Office equipment: Copiers, Furniture, telecommunication system, scanners, etc.
  • Machinery: Excavators, CNC machines, bulldozers, printing presses, etc.
  • Vehicles: Buses, trucks, vans, and specialised vehicles for delivery, transportation or service purposes.
  • Medical Equipment: Imaging systems, diagnostic equipment, medical devices, etc.
  • Manufacturing Tools: Drills, welding machines, lathes, etc.
  • Construction Equipment: Loaders, concrete mixers, scaffolding, cranes, etc.
  • Restaurant and Hospitality: Kitchen appliances, ovens, grills, refrigeration units, etc.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Irrigation system, tractors, and other farming equipment and machinery.
  • Fitness Equipment: Treadmills, elliptical machines, weightlifting equipment, etc.

Benefits of New Equipment Financing

There are multiple benefits of financing new equipment; these are as follows:

Easy Application Process

The process of financing new equipment is very easy. To apply, you must meet the requirements or eligibility criteria. To be eligible, you must have a good credit score, stable income, positive repayment history, etc. The eligibility criteria may not be the same for all lenders; they can differ from one lender to another, so reviewing the loan terms, conditions, and requirements before applying for a loan is essential. Business equipment finance broker in Brisbane can help manage these things for you and ensure your finance approval quickly.

Effective Cash Flow Management

Financing helps you manage cash flow easily, and equipment can be purchased by paying a minimal amount. The rest of the capital can be used to meet other business needs, thereby helping to manage the cash flow effectively.

Get Upgraded Equipment

As you are not paying for the equipment upfront, it helps you purchase and start using the equipment by providing a minimal down payment or deposit. It helps you build assets and generate income from the financed equipment.

Finguard Finance: Your Trusted Business Equipment Finance Broker In Brisbane

If you want to kickstart your business but need more finances, contact Finguard Finance. We ensure we provide the right equipment finance tailored to your business needs and requirements. We are a trusted business equipment finance broker in Brisbane and have helped multiple clients with their equipment needs. You, too, can start your journey with us; we are just a call away.

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