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Exotic Car Finance

Exotic Car Finance

Exotic car finance or luxury car finance provides deals in acquiring high-end vehicles. These vehicles are exclusive and renowned for their prestige, performance, craftsmanship and sky-high price tags. For these reasons, these products are usually inaccessible to many buyers, and they may require financial assistance to buy them. To help you buy luxury cars, contact Finguard Finance, an exotic car finance broker in Brisbane. As there are complexities and intricate processes involved in buying exotic cars, car finance brokers can help you navigate these complexities smoothly.
Exotic cars have unique considerations and challenges, although the video provides opportunities for lenders, buyers, and finance brokers to offer tailored financing solutions for purchasing luxury cars.

Financing Options

Different financing options are available for buyers, such as traditional loans, leasing, customised financial products, etc. To understand which financing option will suit you the best, you should consult the finance brokers before taking luxury car loans in Brisbane.

Exotic Car Loans Covers

Let us take an overview of what an exotic car loan generally covers; it covers the following

Purchase Price

Exotic cars are generally expensive. Hence, luxury car finance covers the car’s base price that has been agreed upon by both parties (the lender and the borrower). It also includes the additional features, optional features and upgrades selected by the buyer.

Tax and Fees

Purchasing luxury cars is subject to taxes and fees. Thus, lenders offer finance solutions with different provisions to cover the taxes, title fees, registration fees and other costs associated with purchasing luxury cars. The cost of taxes and other fees can vary depending on the jurisdiction and area where you live.


When taking luxury car loans in Brisbane, the lender may require you to get the vehicle insured, although it is not mandatory and differs from one lender to another. Many lenders require the borrower to get comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard the vehicle from damages, accidents, theft, or other incidents.

Maintenance and Repairs

The car loan may not directly cover the cost of maintenance; it may indirectly support these costs by providing financing options. These options can help preserve the liquidity for such expenses. Some lenders offer additional provisions or options to include the provision for maintenance and repair costs.

Additional Accessories or Modifications

Some lenders provide provisions for including the cost of aftermarket accessories or modifications required for the car. These accessories and modifications may improve the performance, functionality, and appearance of the car. To get this type of cost inclusion, contact your exotic car finance broker in Brisbane; they can help you get a personalised loan according to your needs.

Extended Warranties

To protect your luxury cars from unexpected costs, you can finance extended warranties or service contracts for the luxury vehicle. This type of warranty helps you beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Finguard Finance - Your Trusted Exotic Car Finance Broker

Since luxury cars are premium, high-value assets, and provide exceptional performance, they are expensive and inaccessible to many buyers without financial assistance. You can contact Finguard Finance, as we specialise in providing luxury car loans in Brisbane and offer financial assistance to buyers who want to purchase luxury cars. We offer specialised and tailored financing solutions that suit your needs in the best possible way. Thus, when planning to get an exotic car loan, contact Finguard Finance.

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