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Home Loan

It is a fundamental human right for every human to have a home of their own, and our aim and objective is to help you realise this right. Since buying a new house is an essential step in a person’s life, it requires a lot of careful planning and execution.
We understand that buying a first home can be daunting for many people because you must select the house from multiple options, negotiate with the lenders, arrange finances, have the knowledge and skills, and many more. To minimise this hassle, you can consult with finance brokers in Brisbane to help you manage your finances to get your dream home.
The Figuard Insurance team will help you enhance your borrowing power and negotiate with the lenders. Our team will guide you throughout the loan process. We aim to provide the best financing solutions as per your requirements at competitive prices.

First Home Owner Grant

The Australian government provides First Home Owner Grants for first-time home buyers. Also, there is a concession on stamp duty for first-time home buyers. As it is a government scheme, there is an eligibility criteria. If you qualify, you can get financial help from the government. Consult your licensed finance broker in Brisbane to learn the details, conditions, eligibility and how to apply for a First Home Owner Grant.

Home Loan Steps/ Process

For getting a home loan, you must consider different factors and follow steps to ensure you get the best deal for a home loan in Brisbane.

Assess Your Finances

Looking after your financial situation and getting your home loan approved is essential. It includes calculating your income (salary, bonuses, commissions and other income sources, expenses (utility bills, groceries, outstanding debts, general expenses and other financial obligations), savings and credit score.

Compare Different Loan Options

To get the best deal, you must compare different loan options that you can avail. If you want a home loan in Australia, your loan options may include fixed-rate loans, variable-rate loans, split loans, interest-only loans, etc. Research various types of loans and understand each option thoroughly to get the right deal that will best suit your requirements.

Compare Different Lenders

For getting home loans, there are multiple options available in the market. To choose the right option, you must explore and navigate different lenders. Check the policies, terms and benefits they offer on the loan. Also, check if they are willing to negotiate terms as per your requirements. You can also consult a specialist, such as a finance broker in Brisbane, to help you search for the right lender and provide personalised advice and guidance.

Gather Documents

In order to approve your home loan, the lender will require different documents such as proof of income, employment details, identification documents, details of assets and liabilities, etc.


It is essential to get a pre-approval when searching for a new home. Pre-approval helps in the estimation of how much you can borrow. It makes it easier for house hunters to explore options accordingly.

Property Evaluation

Once you select a property that you want to buy, it will be evaluated by the lender to find out the market value of the property. It helps the lender ensure that the property is worth buying per your borrowing.

Loan Approval

Once the paperwork is completed, the lender reviews your application in order to decide whether or not to approve your application. Consult a finance broker in Brisbane to ensure your application gets approved.
Different factors can change the amount of loan you can take when planning to purchase your first home in Australia. Hence, it is essential to seek professional guidance.

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