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Motor Bike Finance

Motor Bike Finance

Like four-wheeler, two-wheeler finance is also popular in Australia; it refers to the various options available for financing the purchase of a motorcycle. It is a convenient and more affordable alternative to buying a motorbike because you can pay the money over the agreed time according to a predetermined rate of interest. It is more cost-effective and manageable by people than paying the total price of a motorbike upfront. Motor Bike finance brokers in Brisbane provide multiple options for finance, such as loans, leases, hire purchases, etc. Each finance option has different terms and conditions. Thus, you must read their terms carefully and choose the one that suits you the best.

Requirement For Motor Bike Finance

The requirement for motorbike finance can differ depending on different factors. Also, requirements vary for different lenders, banks and financial institutes. The lender considers various aspects and factors for approving your motorbike finance. These factors include checking your credit history, employment status, income, and creditworthiness. It is crucial for them to ensure these factors to guarantee the repayment of the loan offered. You should consult the best motorbike finance broker in Brisbane when getting a loan to purchase a motorbike.

What Does Motor Bike Finance Cover?

Motorbike finance can cover the following:
  • Purchase cost
  • Options for loan and lease
  • Down payment options
  • Flexibility in terms and conditions
  • Economical interest rate
  • Insurance and Extended warranty
  • Additional cost
  • Personalised solution
Different lenders may provide various inclusions in the loan agreement. With the help of your finance broker, you can negotiate with the lender and modify the terms as per your requirements. You can easily negotiate and grab a better finance deal if you have a high credit score.

Benefits Of Motor Bike Finance In Brisbane

There are different advantages that you can avail of by getting motorbike finance. These benefits include the following:


Motorbike financing is affordable because you are not required to pay the whole price upfront. You can make a down payment if you want and if your lender offers an option for a down payment. The remaining money can be repaid as per the agreed time for a mortgage.


When applying for a motorbike loan through a finance broker, it becomes easier to get the loan; the broker helps expedite the loan approval processes. Also, it involves minimal paperwork. This makes it convenient for the buyer.


Some lenders offer flexibility on the loan terms on various factors such as loan terms, repayment methods, etc. Consult your finance broker when getting a loan for a motorbike in Brisbane to enjoy flexible loan terms

High-end Asset

Financing helps you access high-end models and bikes that are inaccessible or unaffordable.

Build Credit

When you make loan repayments on time, it can help increase your credit score. Thus, it helps to build credit

Vehicle Protection

Some lenders require you to get insurance and provide funds for an extended warranty. You get peace of mind because your vehicle is protected from unexpected events and accidents.

Ownership Benefits

Once the finance is complete and all repayments are made, you own the motorbike. You can modify, sell or change the bike as per your requirements.

Consult Finguard Finance For Tailored Motor Bike Finance

If you are interested in buying a motorbike and want to get a loan for a motorbike in Brisbane, consult figured finance. We offer customised solutions for motorbikes and ensure that we provide finance solutions that suit your unique requirements.

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