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Plant & Machinery Finance

In many businesses, plant and machinery is required for different business operations. You can finance plant and machinery at affordable rates from finguard finance. We have certification with leading banks in Australia; thus, we can offer reasonable financing solutions to cater to all your business requirements.
Plant and machinery finance is designed specifically to provide financial assistance for equipment and machinery required for business operations. Companies can get plant and machinery finance in Brisbane to acquire, upgrade or maintain essential equipment and machinery necessary for the smooth functioning of the business.
Businesses from various industries can make use of plant and machinery finance. Some common industries where it is used are manufacturing, agriculture, construction, transportation and more. Different factors should be considered while getting plant and machinery finance:

Types of Financing

There are different types of plant and machinery financing from which you can choose as per your requirements. Various forms of financing include term loans, equipment leasing, hire purchase agreements, asset-based lending, and equipment financing. There are different conditions and repayment structures for each type of loan. Hence, consider the one that is best suitable for your condition.

Term Loan

A term loan is taken from a lender for a predetermined period within which the borrower has to repay the specific amount borrowed. Usually, the amount borrowed is paid with interest.

Equipment Leasing

In this type of financing, you do not need to buy the equipment, but you must make a lease payment to use the machine for a predetermined period.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase financing includes getting the equipment and machinery by paying an initial deposit followed by regular instalments. You need to pay these instalments for a fixed period along with interest. After all payments are made, you can get the ownership of equipment transfer. To learn about this type of financing, consult the best finance broker in Brisbane.

Asset-Based Lending

In this, the machinery or equipment acts as collateral itself. The lender assesses the value of the machinery and extends the credit based on the value. If you fail to make repayments, the lender can seize the equipment to recover their investment.

Equipment Finance Agreement

It is similar to a term loan but provides a customised solution for purchasing machinery or equipment. In this loan, the equipment serves as collateral, and the loan term is based on the expected useful life of the equipment.

Benefits of Plant and Machinery Finance

There are different advantages of plant and machinery finance in Brisbane these are:
  • It provides preservation of caption and helps maintain liquidity and financial flexibility.
  • It helps access up-to-date equipment, leading to improved business efficiency, productivity and high-quality output.
  • Fixed monthly payments help in budgeting and making financial decisions accordingly.
  • In many jurisdictions, financing arrangements offer tax benefits.
  • Multiple financing options allow businesses to choose as per their needs, budget and cash flow.
  • It helps manage assets, which includes maintenance agreements and equipment upgrades, ensures the excellent working conditions of the equipment, and reduces downtime and repair costs.
  • Financing helps in the fast acquisition of plants and machinery.
  • Enhances the borrowing capacity as businesses are more willing to extend credit when equipment is collateral.
  • Helps manage risks associated with equipment ownership, technological obsolescence, maintenance cost, fluctuations in equipment value, etc.

Consideration When Choosing Plant and Machinery Finance in Brisbane

You should consider factors such as:
  • Interest rates
  • Repayment terms
  • Upfront cost
  • Tax implications
  • Impact on cash flow
  • Flexibility
So, you can use plant and machinery finance to start a new business or upgrade your existing business by purchasing or upgrading new machinery and equipment. Finguard Finance is the best finance broker in Brisbane; we analyse your requirements and connect you with leading lenders. We offer the lowest-cost finance package with flexible repayment options. Thus, for plant and machinery finance, choose Finguard Finance – Your trusted financing partner.

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