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Public & Product Liability

Both public and product liability are two essential types of insurance that help protect businesses from various risks. A reputed insurance broker in Brisbane can help you get public and product liability insurance to help safeguard your business from legal claims from third parties.

Public Liability Insurance

It is a type of insurance in which a business is liable for third-party damage. If the general public, suppliers, customers, etc., are injured on your property or premises or due to your business operations, your business is legally liable to compensate them. For example, if a customer slips and falls in your business store or an object falls on your customer or visitor, causing injuries, such incidents fall under the category of public liability. Third parties can sue the business for the damage or injury caused to them by the business. Public liability insurance protects businesses from such cases and lawsuits. Hence, you must take public liability insurance in Brisbane from the right and trusted insurance broker if you have a business.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability is also similar to product liability. Your business will be held liable if a third party faces damage, injury or other issues because of your product. For example, if your product causes harm to a customer, or a client receives defective products that cause them harm, or your product causes damage to someone’s property, it falls under the category of product liability. Third-party file cases against your business, and if you have product liability insurance, you can reduce the risks and get financial protection from your insurance provider. Choose the best insurance provider, as the insurance broker can provide the right insurance policy to benefit you and your business.

Product and public liability covers

Bodily Injury

It covers the medical and legal expenses if a customer or member of the public is injured or suffers death due to business activity. It includes incidents such as slips, trips, and falls on your business premises.

Property Damage

Third-party property damage caused due to business operations and activities can be covered by public and product liability insurance. An example of this can be when your employee accidentally damages a customer’s property while working at their premises.

Legal Cost

It includes covering the legal fees, court expenses, lawyer fees, settlement payments, etc., in case a third party sues your business due to injury or property damage.

Medical Expenses

It includes reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by individuals injured on your business premises due to your business activity or product. Thus, it is essential to get product and public liability insurance in Brisbane and ensure the security of your business from such problems.
Public and product liability insurance is designed to help product-oriented and public-facing businesses. Businesses must assess their requirements and potential risks and get insurance coverage accordingly. The insurance needs also depend on the business size, the type of industry and other factors. Hence, you should consult an insurance broker in Brisbane to guide you effectively and provide a personalised insurance solution.

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