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Taxi and Rideshare Car Finance

Taxi and Rideshare Car Finance

In Taxi and Rideshare finance, you get financial assistance, also called a loan. You can get it with the help of a rideshare car finance broker in Brisbane; they help you get funds for purchasing a new or used taxi or rideshare car. You get different financing options such as loans, hire purchases, or leases. It is an affordable option if you plan to start a taxi business or want to be self-employed in this business. It is budget-friendly because you can start your business with a taxi without paying the cost upfront.
A time frame for a loan is set based on which you have to make monthly payments with interest. Making repayments on time can help you boost your credit score. You can also lease the taxi and make monthly payments for a specified period within which you get to use the taxi. It is different from a loan for a taxi in Brisbane, as you do not acquire ownership of the vehicle at the end of the lease term. However, in the case of finance, you get to own the vehicle after you have completed your loan term and paid all the repayments with interest.

Loan Features

Down Payment

The lender can provide options to deposit at least 10% of the vehicle’s value. Down payment helps you to reduce the overall amount borrowed, as a result, the interest rate you pay over the duration of the loan will also be less. Besides this, some lenders may provide no-deposit finance as well. Thus, consult your finance broker before taking a taxi loan.

Interest Rate

A good rideshare car finance broker in Brisbane can help you get a taxi loan at a competitive interest rate. Other factors, such as good credit score, repayment interest, high income, etc., can help you negotiate favourable interest rates with the lender.


Although collateral may not be necessary, some lenders may require you to have collateral for the loan. However, some lenders give loans without collateral and in exchange, they charge high-interest rates due to the risk involved.


Repayment depends on the borrower and the lender. It depends if you want to make repayments monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Accordingly, repayments can be made or as stated in the loan agreement. In some cases, late deposits or early repayments may incur additional costs. Consult your rideshare car finance broker in Brisbane before getting a loan for a taxi and signing the loan agreement.


You can get flexibility in loan terms depending on your income, repayment history, credit score, credit report, etc. If you have a good score and a high income, you can enjoy favourable loan terms and negotiate with the lender accordingly.

Tax Advantages

When getting a loan for a taxi, you can get tax benefits as the amount and interest paid for the loan are tax-deductible. It helps you save money and enjoy tax benefits.

Access To Upgraded Models

By financing a taxi, you can access upgraded and high-end models of taxis and rideshare cars. As you are not required to pay full print when buying, you can purchase upgraded models and pay over the loan duration with interest. In this way, getting a loan for a taxi in Brisbane also helps you build assets over time.

Preservation of Cash Flow

Since you are not paying the total cost of the taxi or rideshare car upfront, you can preserve the cash flow and use it as per your requirement. The loan amount can be repaid according to the predetermined terms and duration.

Finguard Finance: Your Route To Financial Freedom Starts Here

If you want a taxi or rideshare car and financial assistance, contact Finguard Finance, your trusted finance broker, for loans for taxis in Brisbane. We can provide personalised finance solutions that suit your needs best. For further information and inquiries, get in touch with our team.

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