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Australia’s Easiest Truck Loans

Get real personalised truck finance rate offers from multiple lenders in minutes with no impact on your credit score.
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Get real personalised truck finance rate offers from multiple lenders in minutes with no impact on your credit score.
Get real personalised truck finance rate offers from multiple lenders
in minutes with no impact on your credit score.

Truck Finance in QLD

New Truck Finance

Do you need a new truck for personal or commercial use? Get the best new truck finance with exceptional rates and access to over 60 lenders.

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Used Truck Finance

Looking at buying a used truck? Our specialist brokers and streamlined online application will find the best loan for your used truck fast.

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We find you the best truck loan rate for your credit profile

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We have truck loan rates that are hard to beat because we have access to the biggest lender group in Australia. Get a free online loan estimate right now.

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We'll take care of the tedious application process for you with our simplified one. We offer same-day approval for our loans.

Pre - Approval

With a pre-approved loan, you will have the freedom to search for the ideal truck and submit an offer before someone else does.

Easy Application

Applying for a truck loan has never been simpler thanks to Finguard Truck Finance, which provides paperless applications and one-on-one consultants.

Online Application

When you have free time, submit your loan application. Use our simple application process to choose your next loan with complete knowledge.

Truck Finance Specialist

Get advantage from our 25 years of truck financing expertise. To make sure you get the best deal, we will negotiate the loan on your behalf.

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With over 25 years of experience with truck loans and finance and a reputation for finding fast loans suited to trucking businesses, we can deliver the best loan from more than 60 lenders. Use our experience and connections to get into a new truck fast.
Our truck finance calculator can provide an estimate on your regular repayments and give you a guide for the loans on offer.

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Truck Finance in Brisbane

Truck Finance

We will provide tailored funding solutions to your borrowing needs with recommendations on suitable loans and loan strategies to satisfy your requirements. We can also help you to decide if you are better off by borrowing on a principal and interest basis or interest only, whether you should be fixing your rate of interest or taking out a variable rate loan and what kind of loan products are the most suitable for you.

We work with all the major lenders providing loan products and can source loans for you at very competitive interest rates. We help truck drivers & logistic companies in realising their goals by arranging finance when traditional lenders shy away. We have access to a range of First Mortgage products for both the Borrower and Lender sides.

For the borrower side, this product provides an easy, flexible and reasonably priced access to funds. Whereas for the lenders it provides secure and handsome returns on idle cash which may not be available in the traditional banking market.

Finance for all Truck Types

No matter what type of truck you need, Easy Truck Finance has you covered. Our easy application process, low rates and incredible service will get you into your new truck sooner.
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Truck Finance in Brisbane
Truck financing is required for commercial purposes to secure funding to acquire a truck or a fleet of trucks. It is popular among businesses in the transportation, logistics, construction, and manufacturing industries. In this, lenders provide borrowers financial help and pans or leases for purchasing trucks. The financing solutions can be customised as per your requirements. You should consult the best finance broker in Brisbane to help you get a lucrative financing solution at affordable costs.
Different types of financing solutions are available for truck financing, such as bank loans, commercial hire purchases, asset financing, chattel mortgages, dealer financing and leasing. Each option has a different payment structure, and their terms and conditions may vary. Hence, you must consult with a professional when planning to get truck financing.

Truck Finance Covers

Truck finance usually covers various costs associated with acquiring trucks and commercial purposes. It includes the coverage of the following:

Vehicle Purchase Price

Truck financing covers the cost required to purchase the vehicle. It also covers the cost of additional features according to the business requirement.

Residual Value

In some cases, the financial institutions or the lenders consider the residual value of the truck at the end of the lease agreement. For this, the lender estimates an amount that will probably be the truck's value at the end of the financing term. It can have an impact on the final cost of the financial arrangement. Thus, it is essential to seek professional help when getting truck finance in Brisbane.

Tax and Fees

Truck finance covers taxes and registration fees. It also offers finances to pay government fees required to buy or lease the truck. However, the amount of fees and tax can vary depending on the type of transaction and the jurisdiction.


For buying a truck, lenders require borrowers to have adequate insurance coverage. It helps protect the truck from damage, liability, accidents, theft and other risks. You can include the cost of insurance premiums in the financial arrangements.

Operating Expenses

In truck financing, you can include a vehicle's operating expenses, such as fuel, tools, etc. It helps business manage their cash flow and plan the budget accordingly. This is offered in some cases. Hence, consulting with the best truck finance broker in Brisbane is essential to get financing solutions that meet your requirements.

Maintenance and Repairs

In some truck finance agreements, routine maintenance and repairs are financed, and their provision is included in the agreement. It benefits business as it helps budget planning and ensures the truck remains in good condition.

Warranty Coverage

You can choose to cover the vehicle's warranty in the financing package. It depends on the type of truck finance you have chosen. Also, by getting warranty coverage, you can get peace of mind knowing your trucks are protected from failure and unexpected repairs.

Benefits of Truck Finance

Truck finance in Brisbane offers various benefits such as:

Truck financing can help your business in several ways. It also helps cover costs and expenses associated with acquiring and leasing the truck. To get a good personalised financing plan for a truck, consult a professional truck finance broker in Brisbane – Finguard Finance. We specialise in offering truck finance and have associations with major lending lenders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comparing all of the options is one of the hardest parts of getting a truck loan. Hire purchase, finance leasing, and no deposit truck financing are a few loan options. It can be difficult to decide which of these options is best. The application process has been streamlined at Finguard Truck Finance. Our team will search through more than 60 lenders for the best loans if you send your information to us. Your chances of being approved can be increased, and you can get in your new truck faster, by comparing your information to the loans that are offered.
Food trucks are very well-liked, and you can finance one with a great interest rate. At Finmguard Truck Finance, we’ll serve as your finance broker and scour our network of 60 lenders for the best loan for you. The best way to see all of your truck loan options in one place is to use our truck finance broker service. All you have to do is choose the best option and sign the loan contract; we’ll take care of the labor-intensive work for you.
A commercial truck may be financed for business purposes. When purchasing a truck for your business, business loans are ideal. You might be approved for equipment loans, including truck loans, if your business has a good credit history but you have average credit. If you have any specific questions about commercial truck financing, get in touch with one of our loan specialists.
Utilizing the Finguard Truck Finance loan calculator is the first step in receiving approval for a truck loan. You can send your information for a quick loan quote once you’ve determined the ideal loan term and amount. We will send you our recommendation for the best loan from among our 60 lenders after evaluating your information. After you select your prefered lender, we’ll begin the application process. Once the paperwork has been approved, you can choose the truck of your choice.

Australia's Easiest Truck Loans

Get real personalised truck finance rate offers from multiple
lenders in minutes with no impact on your credit score.
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